That was me before I took some singing  lessons.

Let me introduce myself. I’m a professional piano player and on day I decided to add singing to my repertoire. So I took singing lessons with a local teacher but all I did was going up and down the scales and it cost me a lot of money. So I bought books but that didn’t help.

I decided to look on the Internet an then I found the Superior Singing Method composed of HD videos and exercises. It’s like having a coach at home with a one time fee.

This new singing method needs only 15 to 30 minutes a day to get great singing voice. Yes, you have to make an effort If you want to learn fast. I gained one octave in my voice tessiture after one month of daily practice. An also gained self-assurance to sing in gigs.

Now i’m performing any king of music with piano and singing as backup vocals or lead singer. 

I’m not afraid to go on stage as I gained assurance with these videos and i’m still working on a daily basis my piano and singing as any professional should do.

But if you only want to sing in your shower the videos are still valuable as they will greatly improve your voice.

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